Posted by: physiquebykasia | March 5, 2008

Finding your backbone through the Alexander Technique:



We all have to deal with the challenges and vicissitudes that life throws our way, and sometimes these experiences are so strong that we get swept up and lost in the storm, only to become disoriented, tense, stressed out and perhaps even physically injured.

Often, those we admire most have the ability to remain strong and poised, even when everything around them seems to be falling apart. They have “backbone”, as the saying goes.

The Alexander Technique teaches us that finding the strength of our own backbone means to re-discover our spine’s natural resilience and potential for movement, for a more centered, easeful and efficient body. Simply put, it means to become empowered – to choose ease in our lives and bodies, rather than dis-ease.

What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is a way to meet ourselves, as others meet us for the first time.  It is a way to observe ourselves while learning to appreciate the unique mental, physical and emotional processes with which we live our lives, and to successfully negotiate our greatest challenges and successes.

Whether you are a 9 to 5 office worker or 24/7 executive, elite athlete, performing artist or stay-at-home parent, the Alexander Technique provides fundamental principles of self-perception and bodily coordination that will teach you to think, move and live with greater ease, efficiency and poise.

At first we explore and re-learn simple, everyday things like sitting, standing and walking, while observing our coordination and posture.  With time we identify and begin to let go of un-needed habits: sources of physical strain, psychological tension or emotional discomfort, especially during repetitive or emotionally charged circumstances.  This re-connection of mind and body, previously a source of imbalance, fear or injury, becomes our center of confidence, optimism & strength.


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